Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you eating lot o pizzas from Pizza hut , domino and papa zones.....?

Eating pizza less or lot have got a lot and variety of misconception. Is eating pizza good / bad .

Simple answer is it depends upon what your pizza is made up of . Yes pizza does not have great health benefits But Is it bad either ?What makes pizza bad :

1. salt 2. cheese 

every time you order a pizza , it comes with lot of cheese and salt. You just need to avoid that . Can you order a pizza with precaution . Ask the maker Not to add salt and cheese a lot OR make your pizza at your home 

Add ingredients of your choice , that can bring some health benefits as well . Lot of People do that and they don't find pizza bad at all. 

One of the problem with Pizza ordered from outside could it the regular usage of same set of ingredients and people who eat it very regularly face problem of not consuming a balanced diet. But in home made pizza you can always make variations in ingredients and make it healthy too. 

So a little precaution and bit of taste change along bit bit mastery on pizza making can make you free of all pizza related negativity.

Enjoy your pizza ... 

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