Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Struggle for fair face ends today naturally

Just apply any of the below formula and get the fair skin . 

 It can't be as simple as this .

 Please use the tips consistently and patiently. 

1. mixture of lemon juice and honey

2.mixture of cucumber juice and honey

3.ripe banana

4.mixture of cucumber and papaya juice

5.drink plenty of water 

6.sleep well

7.bleach with potato juice

8.apply tomato pulp and get pinkish skin

9.apply plain curd

10.apply coconut water

11.Apply egg white on the face

12.clean face with raw milk

13.Apply ripe pineapple juice

14.spray rose water 

15.Malai with besan is best for dry skin

I am sure you can't get treatment as simple as this and as natural as this. Enjoy the treatment and attain a glowing face. 

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